This is a casino of Da Nang, have an official website Club One Opera. When visiting in Da Nang, and playing at night, please come to club One Opera.

  • ベトナムのダナンにあるカジノONE OPERA
  • ベトナムのダナンにあるカジノONE OPERA
  • ベトナムのダナンにあるカジノONE OPERA


Baccarat is a type of game that uses playing cards and is a popular casino game as well as blackjack.
A game that predicts whether a card is given for Banker and the player, which is closest to the 9th, decides to beat the probability of 1 to 2 minutes. There are many people in the world who spend a lot of money on this game. More details


Blackjack is a type of game that uses cards. It is the most popular game in card games played at casinos.
The player obtains points higher than the dealer so that the total score of the card does not exceed 21 points. More details


Slot machines are one of the most representative games in the casino. Put the cash and pull the lever (press the button), so it is easy to play even if you are new to the casino. It is a classic casino so that it is said that there is no casino with no slot machine now. More details


A casino game where throw balls into a rotating disc and hit the falling places (1 to 36). Roulette is also known as the Queen of Casinos and is offered at many casinos.
Casino has the latest models and we have set it so that you can enjoy it easily at low rates. More details

ベトナムのダナンにあるカジノONE OPERA

CLUB ONEOPERA is a newly opened casino entertainment facility adjacent to 5-star One Opera Da Nang hotel located in the city center of Danang. We offer a very cozy space with an elegant atmosphere that you can not think of as a casino facility. Guests staying at Da Nang or Hoi An can also enjoy free transportation by car. Da Nang is equipped with the latest Live Baccarat machines and slot machines that even casinos in Macau do not have and also provide the highest standards of service.

ベトナムのダナンにあるカジノONE OPERA